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The Government have just released the results of a consultation into changes to funding and an equality analysis for disabled students’ allowance (DSA) in England.
They are still looking for ways to save money and are still consulting. You can have your say but the deadline is Wednesday 9 December.

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Today’s development is deeply disappointing and shows that the government are not interested in providing a robust service to ensure high quality access, but are merely aiming to cut cost. This will be to the detriment of the access rights of the Deaf community.

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The Stop Changes To Access To Work campaign has always been a collaboration between Deaf and Disabled people and BSL/English interpreters. NUBSLI will be supporting the campaign by marching on 26 September.

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Why are NUBSLI supporting Jeremy Corbyn to become the next Labour Leader?

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We know that there are lots of pressures on interpreters in the current climate At a time when sustainability of the profession is being pulled into question.

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Our first branch meeting, where committee members were elected, took place on 25 June 2014 – a year ago today!

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Response to the article in the Daily Mail ‘£1million sign language fraudsters guilty of scamming taxpayer to fund luxury holidays including claims to work 21-hours-day’ (5th June 2015).

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NUBSLI is pleased to announce that following its #ScrapTheFramework campaign, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) have delayed tendering the National Framework for language services until after the general election.

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Are you concerned about the future of your profession and the effects that changes to interpreting and translation provision will have on the Deaf community?

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We are about to see the largest change to interpreting service provision for Deaf people in the UK for many years which could cause lasting damage to the Deaf community.


Today sees the release of the findings of the Work & Pensions Select Committee into Access to Work. Find out some of the key recommendations and NUBSLI’s view on the Committee’s findings.


With the changes and cuts to Access to Work as well as the new National Framework Agreement happening, it is important to understand the wider political situation that is influencing these changes and learn what you can do about it.

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