NUBSLI Resources

We've produced template letters and other resources for you to use.

  • Report Dossier of Disgrace

    National Framework Agreements are an unfeasible business model and are damaging to BSL/English interpreters and the deaf community who use them. Our report explains the reasons why and provides recommendations for Government and those providing interpreters.

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  • Guide The dos and don'ts of working with an interpreter

    So you’ve booked an interpreter. Here’s some tips on how to make sure you use them correctly.

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  • Calculator How much will you lose?

    Use our ready reckoner to see how much you stand to lose from agency cuts to fees

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  • Template CPD Template

    Use our continuing professional development template to record your CPD.

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  • Document Myth-busting interpreters' pay

    “Interpreters charge too much” Learn how to reply to comments like this by sharing our myth-busting information.

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  • Letter Agency payments

    Use this letter to reply to agencies who offer unsustainable rates of pay

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