NUBSLI guidance & information on our work

Guidance for interpreters & translators and those who use their services

  • Read Survey working conditions 2017

    Read the latest changes in the profession in our 2017 report

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  • Read Interpreter awareness guide

    All you need to know to be able to book a BSL/English interpreter.

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  • Read Survey working conditions 2014-2015

    View our 2014-2015 report into the working conditions of interpreters.

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  • Read Survey Working Conditions 2015-2016

    Read our report on BSL/English interpreters working conditions 2015-2016

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  • Watch & Read Interpreting/translating organisation guide

    Confused by the number of BSL/English interpreting organisations in the UK? Here’s a quick guide to who does what.

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  • Read Trainee/freelance guidance pack

    Are you a new interpreter? Find out what you need to do on setting up as a freelance interpreter

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