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The Crown Commercial Service has announced the suppliers for their framework agreement. NUBSLI has been in contact with the CCS since September 2014 and, despite some improvements being made, we still have remaining concerns.


NUBSLI asked the Department of Work & Pensions some questions about how often they review the rates for BSL/English interpreters.

Action on Hearing Loss protest details

Message of support from NUBSLI (the National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters) to those out protesting today against the closure of the local Liverpool Action on Hearing Loss office.

people talking

It can be daunting when you start working as a trainee interpreter/translator or even when you’ve just recently qualified. NUBSLI believes it’s important to have someone that you can talk to about things you’re not sure about related to your work. That’s why we’ve set up a new buddy initiative for members.

DWP logo

NUBSLI has recently submitted evidence to the Department of Work & Pensions as part of their market place review. We’ve sent evidence covering 5 ares: general evidence, VRI/VRS, Deafblind interpreting, translation and tranlators, and communication support workers.


As a response to concerns about BSL/English Interpreters leaving the profession, reducing their hours or diversifying their income, NUBSLI established a Profession Exit Interview. A report on the findings has been published.

sign solutions update

Two days ago our Nub article reported on the refusal by more than 40 interpreters to work under a new contract between Sign Solutions and many hospitals in the Bristol area. Following this collective action, Sign Solutions have updated their terms.


Sign Solutions recently bid for and were awarded contracts to deliver BSL/English interpreting services for the University Hospitals Bristol Trust […]

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“I’m OK with this slightly lower level of pay.” “It’s not much less than before.” “I don’t need to earn as much as the more experienced interpreters.” “I have enough work that it all adds up to a sufficient income.” “If other interpreters don’t want the work, then there’s more for me. “

This is the death knell of interpreting as we know it.

evening standard

In an open letter to the editor of the Evening Standard newspaper, NUBSLI asks that they provide BSL/English interpreters for the London Mayoral hustings for Deaf people.

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Home Office scraps plans to cut interpreters’ rates of pay pending review of interpreting services.

NUBSLI 2015 review

It’s been a very busy 2015 for NUBSLI. Our first full year since the union was established and a lot has been achieved during this time. Here are some of our highlights.

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