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Listen to our podcast or read our transcript to find out how this relates to BSL/English interpreters.


An interpreter tells us about their experience of working multiple health bookings in one day.


LanguageLine, who have retained and won interpreting contracts in Sheffield, have informed interpreters that they are to face around a 30% reduction in their pay.

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I am a BSL/English interpreter living and working in Yorkshire. I have a house, a partner and a cat. My favourite colour is green and I am particularly fond of biscuits. I am an interpreter, but I am also a human being.

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Some members have been asking whether they are eligible to vote in the Labour leadership election. If you’re a member who is also a Labour supporter, here’s a guide on what you need to do to vote.


NUBSLI is pleased to announce that our report: Survey of BSL/English Interpreters’ Working Conditions (2015-2016) is now available.


Interpreters have been receiving the following email from Pearl Linguistics. The tone and level of unprofessionalism is causing concern.


Language Line Solutions have emailed interpreters informing them they will no longer pay minimum 3 hour booking times, citing new framework agreements as the reason. Read NUBSLI’s response.

23 june 2016 vote remain

On 23rd June, you will be asked to vote on whether you think the UK is better off IN or OUT of the European Union. Unite the Union has taken two major votes to agree its position on Europe and is now asking all branches to share this information with their members.


We’re proud to announce the launch of our Freelance Interpreter Guidance. The pack is full of information to help both new and more established BSL/English interpreters work as a freelancer.

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We’ve been working hard to protect the future of our profession and uphold interpreters’ and translators’ terms & conditions through our #ScrapTheFramework campaign and our fee guidance work. This week we had some positive news from one agency about the new CCS framework contracts.

We Heart Terps

It’s Interpreter Appreciation Day! Here’s a message from NUBSLI.

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