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Gerard Coyne

In the last of our series, we put the same questions to candidate Gerard Coyne.

Len McCluskey

In the second of our Nub posts on Unite’s General Secretary election we hear from Unite’s current General Secretary, Len McCluskey.

Ian Allinson

Ian Allinson is a candidate in the election for Unite’s General Secretary. NUBSLI questioned him on what he would do to support our branch if he were to become General Secretary.

unite the union logo

Unite the union are holding an election for General Secretary. As a branch of Unite we will be deciding on our nominee and so to help members’ decide we asked each candidate to tell us what they would do for NUBSLI.

image of anonymous person

Are you an interpreter employed by a company but think being part of a union isn’t important or relevant? One of our members explains how they benefited from NUBSLI support.

demo at languageline

For the first time in the history of our profession a protest was held outside the headquarters of LanguageLine Solutions in Canary Wharf, London.

Kathleen Hankinson photo

For many, she will need no introduction, for others we are delighted to introduce Kathleen Hankinson as not only NUBSLI’s first retired member but also our 400th member.

tin of baked beans

Listen to our podcast or read our transcript to find out how this relates to BSL/English interpreters.


An interpreter tells us about their experience of working multiple health bookings in one day.


LanguageLine, who have retained and won interpreting contracts in Sheffield, have informed interpreters that they are to face around a 30% reduction in their pay.

anonymous interpreter

I am a BSL/English interpreter living and working in Yorkshire. I have a house, a partner and a cat. My favourite colour is green and I am particularly fond of biscuits. I am an interpreter, but I am also a human being.

image of voting

Some members have been asking whether they are eligible to vote in the Labour leadership election. If you’re a member who is also a Labour supporter, here’s a guide on what you need to do to vote.

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