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Members asked NUBSLI to contact LanguageLine Solutions as they were being prevented from knowing their client’s name upon booking confirmation. You can read our correspondence with LanguageLine in our NUB and the reasons we do not endorse this happening.


As part of the Scottish Government’s National Plan, a Landscape Review of the BSL/English interpreting in Scotland is currently being undertaken by a team at Queen Margaret University. As a stakeholder, NUBSLI were consulted on three questions. Our Scottish members told us their experience in relation to these questions, which formed the basis of our response, which you can read in our latest Nub.

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NHS Scotland are requesting feedback on their 2018 National Interpreting and Translation policy which provides guidance on NHS Scotland’s responsibilities to those who require support from interpreting or translation services. Read our response in the latest NUB.


We were contacted by members reporting that Language Empire have been awarded interpreting contracts from a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). We’ve written to the CCG, highlighting our concerns.

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NUBSLI has requested that NHS England make corrections to a recent report on the cost of booking interpreters. Read what we sent in our latest Nub.

national framework agreements dossier of disgrace

‘Dossier of Disgrace’ report warns that UK government cost-cutting and the introduction of national framework agreements has led to skilled British Sign Language (BSL)/English interpreters leaving the profession and a poorer service for deaf people when they access public services.

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Framework agreements are placing pressure on BSL/English interpreters in Scotland. As the demand for more interpreting services increases in the near future, will Scottish public bodies be able to meet their statutory obligations?


In the third of our national surveys, interpreters and translators have been telling us of the changes happening in their working lives. We identify the pressures on our profession, the effects on interpreters as well as recommendations on how to maintain the long term viability of the profession.

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To mark International Women’s Day, three female NUBSLI members reflect on the situation in the BSL/English interpreting profession.


NUBSLI statement on the Access to Work cap which will be detrimental and disadvantageous to Deaf and disabled people in accessing employment.

The Silent Child - Maisie and Rachel

NUBSLI congratulates every one involved in the Oscar-winning The Silent Child.

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After upholding most complaints against AtW made since 2014, the PHSO promised a report on systemic improvements to AtW. The report has been published but how well does it tackle the issues that affected Deaf people’s access to work?