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Framework agreements are placing pressure on BSL/English interpreters in Scotland. As the demand for more interpreting services increases in the near future, will Scottish public bodies be able to meet their statutory obligations?


In the third of our national surveys, interpreters and translators have been telling us of the changes happening in their working lives. We identify the pressures on our profession, the effects on interpreters as well as recommendations on how to maintain the long term viability of the profession.

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To mark International Women’s Day, three female NUBSLI members reflect on the situation in the BSL/English interpreting profession.


NUBSLI statement on the Access to Work cap which will be detrimental and disadvantageous to Deaf and disabled people in accessing employment.

The Silent Child - Maisie and Rachel

NUBSLI congratulates every one involved in the Oscar-winning The Silent Child.

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After upholding most complaints against AtW made since 2014, the PHSO promised a report on systemic improvements to AtW. The report has been published but how well does it tackle the issues that affected Deaf people’s access to work?


The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities commission has asked the UK government to address the shortage of interpreters. We explain how the use of frameworks are contributing to this shortage.

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The Finnish Government, to try and save money, is cutting the number of interpreters. On 20 September, hundreds of Sign Language interpreters in Finland found out they have in effect lost their jobs.

DWP market review

Darren Townsend-Handscomb writes about the publication of the DWP’s market review of communication services report. Read about what was involved in this and how the report can be of benefit to you.

nubsli success lls boycott

NUBSLI are delighted to announce the end to our boycott of LanguageLine Solutions. Sustainable fees, terms & conditions have now been agreed.

LanguageLine boycott

LanguageLine attempt to entice interpreters back to their books by increasing their fee but this new offer still falls short of what is sustainable.


IR35 – what is it and does it affect you as a freelance interpreter or translator? Listen/read our latest podcast to find out.

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