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It is not enough to denounce the violence enacted on Black individuals or to say that we oppose the systematic racism that permeates throughout all levels of our society. We need to look at ourselves.


The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a necessary rise in the use of VRS/VRI. How are interpreters’ T&Cs affected? Read NUBSLI’s position statement.

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The NUBSLI committee has responded to a call for evidence by the Treasury Committee on the Government’s Coronavirus financial package.


These are unprecedented times we are living and working in. There may be more demand for and pressure on interpreters to work using Video Relay Services (VRS) in the future. It is important that interpreters’ and translators’ terms and conditions are respected and upheld.

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The spread of COVID-19 has been an extremely challenging time for the country. To ensure that all people have access […]

The Covid 19 virus

We’ve been contacted regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Here are the most commonly asked questions, answered to the best of our ability at this time. 

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The University College Union (UCU) have planned eight days of strike action. How does this affect you if you’re contracted to work there during this time?

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NUBSLI celebrates its 5th anniversary – we look back at what’s been achieved in these 5 years and why there is still much more to do.


Members asked NUBSLI to contact LanguageLine Solutions as they were being prevented from knowing their client’s name upon booking confirmation. You can read our correspondence with LanguageLine in our NUB and the reasons we do not endorse this happening.


As part of the Scottish Government’s National Plan, a Landscape Review of the BSL/English interpreting in Scotland is currently being undertaken by a team at Queen Margaret University. As a stakeholder, NUBSLI were consulted on three questions. Our Scottish members told us their experience in relation to these questions, which formed the basis of our response, which you can read in our latest Nub.

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NHS Scotland are requesting feedback on their 2018 National Interpreting and Translation policy which provides guidance on NHS Scotland’s responsibilities to those who require support from interpreting or translation services. Read our response in the latest NUB.


We were contacted by members reporting that Language Empire have been awarded interpreting contracts from a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). We’ve written to the CCG, highlighting our concerns.

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