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NUBSLI recently balloted its members on a proposal to change its membership criteria to allow trainee interpreters and translators to join its branch of Unite.


NUBSLI has been working hard for its members and for the interpreting profession. Find out what we’ve been doing, and plan on doing, during the year ahead.

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On 6 May 2014 information about a national framework agreement was advertised by the Cabinet Office. Its aim is to bring together various framework agreements for interpreting and translation and it has the potential to hugely impact on interpreters’ terms and conditions.

A union and a professional association support you and your profession in different ways. In these uncertain times for interpreting, a Union can provide powerful support for interpreters.

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In protecting our terms and conditions and rates of pay, we are ensuring that deaf people are able to access fully qualified and suitable skilled professionals. Our profession, like many others, is under threat from government cuts. BSL interpreters are predominately funded by government in areas such as health, police, courts and workplace support.