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  • #ScraptheFramework

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    There are 3 Framework Agreements that will affect most areas of BSL/English interpreting. What are they and how will they affect you?

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  • #FeesFightback

    The race to the bottom is gathering pace. Together with the squeeze on our cancellation terms and travel expenses, this poses a serious threat to the future of our profession.

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Latest guidance & NUBSLI information

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  • Read Survey working conditions 2017

    Read the latest changes in the profession in our 2017 report

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  • Read Interpreter awareness guide

    All you need to know to be able to book a BSL/English interpreter.

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Latest letters and other resources

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  • Calculator How much will you lose?

    Use our ready reckoner to see how much you stand to lose from agency cuts to fees

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  • Template CPD Template

    Use our continuing professional development template to record your CPD.

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