Survey of BSL/English interpreters’ working conditions (2015-16)

The 2015-2016 report covers many issues that respondents told us are important, including:

  • The continuing downward pressure on fees and T&Cs, and the impact of that on respondents and Deaf people.
  • That work in rural areas is often unviable due to minimum booking durations without appropriate remuneration for travel time or costs.
  • Lack of recognition or appropriate remuneration for specialist work, including court work.

Respondents reported that these issues, along with other factors detailed in the report, continue to lead them to seriously consider reducing or stopping interpreting hours, and in many cases, respondents reported that they had already done so.

The report

You can read the report and appendices as PDFs by clicking on the links below.

Survey of BSL/English Interpreters’ Working Conditions (2015-2016)

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Appendix 3: Survey questions

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Appendix 5: Additional tables and data from the 2016 survey

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Appendix 6: Data and tables from the 2015 survey

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Appendix 7: How we did this; additional information on the survey methodology and data analysis

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